Photos from the 2016 Hero Gala - Thank you!

Mar 23, 2016

Evergreen Museum

The photos will rotate, please watch and see all the fun!

Together we raised $121,000 at our November Gala!


Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with planning, being sponsor or table host and donating to the special appeal.  You made our Gala a tremendous success!

Ray Clevidence

Donna Cowan

Perry Cowan

Bob Dean

Terry Dickensen

Burgundy Edwards

Lynn Gelinas

Paul Gelinas

Ray Godfrey

Dee Hemmendinger

Mary Ann Mader

Dominic Maselli

Destany Mendez

Maeleah Parker

Shanon Pettibone

Jim Pierson

Mary Ann Preach

Tim Preach

John Rasmussen

Gary Sohn

Malcolm Tabor

Patricia Tabor

Ann Trombley

Sue Vergara

Tim Wahlberg

Larry Wood






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Howard Godelsky

Hello, as a licensed aircraft mechanic and lifelong fan of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose as well as a former production worker on manufacturing the A-10 Warthog, l am surprised and disappointed that the museum has absolutely NO pics of Any of the aircraft on display !
Come on folks, Really ?!
You should endeavor to make the museum as attractive as possible and that is surely one of the least expensive methods at your disposal.
Best of luck!
Howard Godelsky

Russell Barnes

Where are the actual photos of your inventory? I do not mean the quarter inch ones next to their short history.

Russell Barnes

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