Air Show Watch Party @ Evergreen Museum

August 31st – September 2nd, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Evergreen Museum Air Show Watch Parties have some of the best viewing of the Oregon International Air Show and access to over 100 aircraft (in and outside the Museum).  This year’s Oregon International Air Show features the USAF Thunderbirds and more.

Watch Party Passes:
Each Watch Party pass covers museum admissions access to the picnic/lawn areas on the airport facing side of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum for viewing the Air Show.


What to bring:
Watch Party guests may bring their own food, drinks, chairs, blankets, coolers, and umbrellas to enjoy the show, as well as view more than 100 aircraft on display. In addition to food and beverages available throughout the Evergreen Campus, including a wine and beer service. More details to follow!

Location: Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum  – 500 N.E. Captain Michael King Smith Way, across the highway from the McMinnville Airport on Highway 18. Watch Party guests will not have access to the Air Show at the Airport from the EASM campus.

Performer Lineup


A. No. There will be no access to the airport except for those who purchase Oregon Air International Show passes from the Oregon International Air Show. ALL direct access to the “Air Show” airport grounds will be through the Oregon International Air Show gates. “Watch Party” guests at Evergreen will not have access to the airport grounds – by foot or by shuttle.
A. Guests are allowed to bring their own picnic supplies (food, drinks, camp chairs, blankets, small umbrellas, ice chests, etc. But, keep in mind food and beverages will be available at the watch party. And, you may not bring your own alcoholic beverages.
A. No. Guests may not bring alcoholic beverages or cannabis products on the Evergreen Museum campus. However, there will be wine and beer available on sale during the event.
The Evergreen Watch Party gates open at 9:00 am each day of the air show. The flying begins at approximately 12:30 pm each day. The Museum will remain open until 6:00 PM to offer a break from the traffic.
A. Yes, each “Watch Party” pass includes admissions to the museum.
A. Evergreen Members that wish to attend our “Watch Party” will be given the opportunity to purchase 50% off Watch Party passes and join us to watch the air show from our designated “Evergreen Club Seating” members only area in front of the theater. Museum members will receive a Watch Party code for half off the current price via email.
A. The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Hours will be 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day (Guests may begin arriving at 9:00 AM. The Air Show hours are approximately 12:30 PM to 5:00 each day. We are staying open later to enable you and your guests to enjoy the Museum at your leisure and avoid added traffic pressure.
A. While we cannot predict traffic on Highway 18, the current flow of traffic to and from the Air Show and Watch Party will be minimized as ALL access to the Air Show will controlled. Watch Party guests are advised to proceed to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum by turning north at the Cumulus intersection on Highway 18. BE ADVISED – DO NOT follow the “Oregon International Air Show” signs you will see as you approach the Museum. Look for the “Watch Party” signs.
A. Smaller umbrellas and beach shelters are permitted. However, tents, large canopies (over 4 feet tall, grills, campfires, or large umbrellas are not allowed anywhere on the Evergreen Campus. We do not want to block the view for our other guests. Smaller umbrellas and beach shelters are permitted.
Yes. We encourage guests to bring ice chests, picnic blankets, small umbrellas, chairs, food, and water.
A. No. In addition, no fireworks will be allowed anywhere on the Evergreen Campus.
A. Yes. In addition to food carts, wine, beer, and beverage services outdoors, food and beverages will also be the Aviation Museum.
A. Yes.
A. Yes, however the “Day of Show” prices may be at a higher price point. Keep in mind space is limited.
A. Only certified Service Animals are allowed in the veiwing area and facilities.
Evergreen Campus - Watch Party 2022