Douglas A-26C Invader

The A-26 Invader was designed by legendary engineer Ed Heinemann, it was capable of fast low-level attack, as well as precision bombing for close support of troops on the ground.

The Invader was a World War II attack aircraft used for level bombing, ground strafing, and rocket attacks. It made its first flight in July 1942, and production delivery began in August 1943. The A-26 entered combat over Europe in November 1944. By the time production halted after the war, 2,502 Invaders had been built.

The A-26C was considered the most versatile combat aircraft ever built. The A-26C served well beyond WWII, it remained in service for more than 3 decades and served in several wars, including the Korean War, and several conflicts around the world. The A-26 was redesignated the B-26 in 1948.

First Flight: 1942
Top speed: 355 mph
Range: 1,400 mi
Up to 20 M2 Browning .5 Inch Machine Guns
Rockets: Up to 10 5-inch HVAR rockets - 5 under each wing
Bombs: Up to 6K Lbs of Bombs (4k lb bomb bay & 2k lb  under wing)

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory in WWII. Come see our A-26C and all the historical WWII aircraft in person at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

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Did you ever have a Captain James W. Goodwin volunteer at the museum? He was a pilot in WWII that flew one of these bad boys and died two weeks before his 101st birthday

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