Douglas A-26C Invader

The A-26 Invader was designed by legendary engineer Ed Heinemann, it was capable of fast low-level attack, as well as precision bombing for close support of troops on the ground.

The Invader was a World War II attack aircraft used for level bombing, ground strafing, and rocket attacks. It made its first flight in July 1942, and production delivery began in August 1943. The A-26 entered combat over Europe in November 1944. By the time production halted after the war, 2,502 Invaders had been built.

The A-26C was considered the most versatile combat aircraft ever built. The A-26C served well beyond WWII, it remained in service for more than 3 decades and served in several wars, including the Korean War, and several conflicts around the world. The A-26 was redesignated the B-26 in 1948.

First Flight: 1942
Top speed: 355 mph
Range: 1,400 mi
Up to 20 M2 Browning .5 Inch Machine Guns
Rockets: Up to 10 5-inch HVAR rockets - 5 under each wing
Bombs: Up to 6K Lbs of Bombs (4k lb bomb bay & 2k lb  under wing)

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory in WWII. Come see our A-26C and all the historical WWII aircraft in person at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.


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Did you ever have a Captain James W. Goodwin volunteer at the museum? He was a pilot in WWII that flew one of these bad boys and died two weeks before his 101st birthday


Very impressive aircraft, and one of my favorites. One thing WW2 pilots loved about it, was once the bomb load was dropped, it flew like a fighter. German pilots sometimes mistook it for its predecessor, the A20. I have not seen confirmation that a nose gun A26s ever claimed an air to air kill in WW2.
But, years ago, I read several stories by German pilots (in Me 109s and Fw 190s) that they got a nasty surprise if they ever mistook an A26 for an A20.
They would make a diving attack on an “A20” and haul around in a tight turn for a another pass. The “A20” was not where they expected, but there were streams of tracers coming from behind them! It was an A26, and it was chasing them. They described having to use every trick they knew, just to get away. Usually, they ended up hiding in the clouds. They said they could not outrun it.

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