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Jan 27, 2011

Evergreen Museum

By Kasey Richter, Director of PR and Marketing

As you might have heard, the Museum has an amazing new project that is becoming close to completion.

This project is the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark, a nonprofit educational Waterpark that will include four waterslides, a wave pool and a children’s museum dedicated to teaching students about the power of water. The space features nearly 70,000 square feet of educational fun, highlighted by a massive B747-100 aircraft that rests on the top of the building. Throughout the structure, Waterpark visitors will learn about the power of water and its effects on society through dozens of interactive exhibits and learning tools.

This Waterpark is unique for a few different reasons. One, it is the only aviation-themed waterpark that we know of. Two, it is the only building that has a 747 on the roof (to be technically accurate, there is a 747 that is elevated off the ground in Germany, but it is not on a roof). Third, this Waterpark places a massive emphasis on the Museum’s mission, which is to inspire and educate. So not only will the Waterpark visitors have a blast, but they will learn something as well.

The Museum staff is still finalizing details regarding the Waterpark opening, but I wanted to provide a little more information on that big building next to the Museum with an aircraft on top. For more photos of the construction progress, check out our facebook page and our twitter feed.

Watch how we lifted the 747 on top of the roof (thanks to one of our favorite Museum visitors, Even Q):


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Matthew Wilkins

Wow, someone should really clean up these comments...

Donna Jones

Can you please work on an update for your website regarding the Evergreen Museum?
Would love to take our Grandson there for an educational adventure. Hours/Pricing/Promotions would be very helpful in our planning.

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