Oregon International Air Show Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 the organizers of this year's Oregon International Air Show decided to try something a little different. The following FAQs should explain the changes to this year's Air Show format, as well as explain how our museum and waterpark guests can take advantage of our Evergreen Air Show Watch Party.

Quick Do's and Don'ts:

These things are NOT ALLOWED —

• No gas, open flame, or charcoal BBQ’s
• No camp stoves
• No generators
• No pop-up style canopies
• No glass, weapons, or animals.
• No Crossing Hwy 18
• Personal Alcohol

Plan to bring these things to the Air Show —

• A photo copy of your Oregon  Air Show Watch Party Confirmation or Image on your Phone
• Your own picnic and beverages. (Food Trucks and Beverages available at the event)
• Portable chairs, tables, blankets, outdoor rug, etc.
• Personal umbrella (golfing size, ok)
• Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and ear plugs.

Q. What is different about this year’s Oregon International Air Show?

A. For the first time, the Oregon International Air Show will not be selling individual tickets. Instead, they will be selling Tailgate Party Passes at the Airport. Attendees will be able to enjoy their own food and beverages in their vehicles. No concessions booths will be available at the air show event.

This year, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum will be holding Oregon Air Show Watch Parties for all three days of the air show. The museum will be offering reserved parking and access to our open fields in front of the museum for your watching pleasure. In addition, we are planning to have food vendors. Your pass also includes four museum passes and discount passes to the Wings and Waves Waterpark.


Q. Where can I purchase Parking Passes?

A. https://airshowwatchparty.ltibooking.com/categories/all


Q. If I purchase a parking pass at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, can I walk, or will there be shuttles to the air show at the airport?

A. No. This year’s Air Show is not open to any foot traffic, and there will be no access to the airport except for those who purchase Tailgate Passes from the Oregon International Air Show. This access will be through the Oregon Air Show gates located at the east side of the airfield off Cruikshank Road.

All Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum guests will have a great view of the Air Show from our picnic area. Much like a traditional air show, you will be able to roam the campus and view the static aircraft on display indoors and outdoors.


Q. Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?

A. No. In accordance with OLCC rules, you may only purchase and consume alcohol in our designated Beer & Wine Garden.


Q. How much will it cost for a pass to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum “Air Show Watch Party?”

A. Watch Party Parking Pass is $70 for the Friday and Sunday events and $75 for the Saturday event. Watch Party Parking Passes include four all-day museum admissions. Plus, guests can purchase additional tickets for $10 each, which can be purchased at the museum admissions desk.

Advanced Watch Party RV parking is $450. This pass includes access to all three days and eight tickets to the museum. Note: The RV parking will be limited to 30 spaces.

Parking passes also include an opportunity to reserve a discounted passes to the Wings and Waves Waterpark for $19.99 per person. These passes are only good for the same day as the parking reservation.


Q. If we have 6 people in our car, can we purchase additional tickets?

A. Yes. Additional museum admissions tickets can be purchased on the day of your reservation. Additional admissions tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the museum admissions desk.


Q. Can guests bring their own food, chairs, etc.?

A. Guests are encouraged to bring their own picnic supplies (food, drinks, camp chairs, blankets, small umbrellas, ice chests, etc.) However, guests will not be allowed to bring in their own alcoholic beverages.


Q. Does the Watch Party Parking Pass come with admissions to the museum and waterpark?

A. The Watch Party Parking Pass includes all-day museum admissions (Four tickets included – additional tickets available for $10).
Advanced Watch Party RV parking is $450 (for all three shows) includes eight tickets to the museum. Pass holders will have access to discounted passes to the Wings and Waves Waterpark at $19.99 per person. These passes are only good for the same day as the parking reservation.


Q. Do members of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum get free tickets to the air show?

A. Evergreen Museum Members that wish to attend our “Oregon Air Show Watch Parties” – at the museum – will be able to reserve a parking spot on our campus and join us to watch the Air Show from our designated picnic area in front of the museums. Members should email watchparty@evergreenmuseum.org to reserve a spot.

Membership Benefits:

  • Supporting, Individual, and Family Members can reserve their Watch Party Parking Passes before the general public.
  • Family Plus, Patron, and Legacy Members can reserve their Watch Party Parking Passes at no cost. Family Plus Members need to contact us at watchparty@evergreenmuseum.org to reserve their pass.

Q. What are the museum hours during the air show?

A. The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum hours for July 30 thru August 1, 8 am - 6 pm each day. The Air Show hours will be from 12:30 to 4 pm each day. The museum extended its hours to enable guests to enjoy the exhibits and avoid added traffic pressure.


Q. What are the waterpark hours during the air show?

A. Wings and Waves Waterpark will offer two sessions each day from 9 am – 12 pm and 4 – 7 pm  for July 30 thru August 1. The Air Show hours will be from 12:30 to 4 pm each day. Waterpark tickets can be purchased as an add-on with your parking or RV passes.


Q. Will there be the same traffic issues as in years past?

A. While we cannot predict traffic issues on Hwy 18, the current flow of traffic to and from the Air Show will be minimized as all access to the Air Show will be limited to Hwy 233. In addition, the museum will remain open late to give guests added time to linger after the Air Show, which ends at 4 pm each day.


Q. Can I smoke during the Watch Party?

A. Yes, however smoking is allowed in designated areas only - please note that smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the picnic areas or the open fields. Our designated smoking areas are located near the entrances of both the space museum and the aviation museum buildings.


Q. Can the public access the airport from Hwy 18?

A. No. There is no public access to the airport from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum campus.


Q. Are there any restrictions for overnight RV parking?

A. Yes. The following rules apply:

- Tents, canopies, grills, open flames, or large umbrellas ARE NOT allowed in the parking areas.
    Seating and outdoor picnicking are restricted to the designated viewing areas on the museum's south side.
- RVs must park in the designated RV Parking (North Lot).
- RVs may not enter or exit during the airshow – 12:30 to 4 pm Friday- Saturday – Sunday
- The RV parking pass fee covers the entire weekend
- Pop-outs and towed vehicles are allowed (if adequate space is available).
- There are no hookups, water, or dumping available.
- No alcoholic beverages may be consumed outside of your RV and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the picnic areas.


Q. Can I set up a canopy or tent in the designated viewing areas?

A. No. Canopies, grills, campfires, or large umbrellas are not allowed anywhere on the Evergreen Campus.


Q. Can I bring my own picnic gear?

A. Yes. We encourage guests to bring ice chests, picnic blankets, chairs, food, soda and water. (No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the picnic areas).


Q. Will there be fireworks this year?

A. No. In addition, no fireworks will be allowed anywhere on the Evergreen Campus.


Q. Will food be available for for sale at the Watch Party?

A. Yes. In addition to food and beverages available at the Evergreen Museum and the Wings and Waves Waterpark, we will have food trucks and a wine and beer garden available. However, all alcoholic beverages may only be consumed within the designated areas (Wine and Beer Garden).


Q. Will portable restrooms and washrooms be available in addition to your museum restrooms?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I purchase Watch Party Parking Passes on the day of the show?

A. Yes, however, the “Day of Show” prices will be $100 on Friday and Sunday and $125 on Saturday. Please keep in mind that space is limited.

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