Nov 20, 2009

Evergreen Museum

By Philip Jaeger, Director of Operations

The Museum hosted our first Photo Contest this year. It was more of an experiment than anything else, but we were astonished by the number of amazing entries that were submitted. Oftentimes we hear that our airplanes can be difficult to photograph because they are  static objects and the Museum is made up primarily of windows that can cause unusual lighting situations. But, some of these photographers made these planes come alive.

I hope you enjoy looking at them, and make sure to keep taking photos for next year’s contest!

Winning Artifact Entries

Taken by Paul Carter. Photo of the A-4 Skyhawk.

Taken by Even Quach. Photo of the 747 in front of the Museum.

Taken by John Ousterhout. The Bell 47 helicopter

Taken by Rusty Denham. Photo of the T-33.


Taken by Diana Powe. Photo of Fokker Dr. 1 Triplane in a dogfight with the Nieuport 17.

Winning Event Entries

Taken by Cassie Baker. Photo from the 2nd Annual Loose Goose Hot Air Balloon Fly-Out

Taken by Rusty Denham. Photo of the night burn of the 2nd Annual Loose Goose Hot Air Balloon Fly-Out

Taken by John Ousterhout. Photo of the 747 landing in McMinnville.

Winning Employee Entries

Taken by Jim Cameron, docent. Photo of his grandson, Tyler Cameron, after the 747 landing in July.

Taken by Angie Garcia, events coordinator. Photo of the 2nd Annual Loose Goose Hot Air Balloon Fly-Out.

Taken by Stewart Bailey, curator. Photo of the F-106.

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