Jul 14, 2010

Evergreen Museum

By Landon Tucker Graham and Paige Carlson, CAP cadets
The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is hosting the 3rd annual Michael King Smith Business Academy for the Civil Air Patrol. CAP is the official auxillary of the U.S. Air Force, and is aimed toward young adults. This week at the Museum, we are learning about Evergreen Aviation and aviation business, and how to practice business in an ethical manner.
Here are a few photos from the first half of our Business Academy.

Paige's trip to Portland, Ore., from Virginia.

Some of our fellow CAP cadets before a trip to the Museum restoration area.

CAP cadets posing in a helicopter in the restoration area.

Landon enjoying the Titan II SLV launch area.

Mary Feik, an aviation legend, toured the restoration area with us, and we listened to her speak on Wednesday.

Landon testing out the IMAX 3D glasses before a showing of Hubble 3D


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