The Evergreen Aviation Museum is a non-profit institute dedicated to inspiring and educating future generations, preserving famous artifacts from aviation history, and honoring the patriotic service of our veterans. This is a daunting mission, but donations from people like you are what make this dream possible.

Support Educational Programming

Should you choose to offer your donation for a specific educational purpose, there are many levels of opportunity:Sponsor a Child’s Visit to the Museum – $20
The glimmer in the eye. The ah-ha moment. The burst of understanding. The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum doesn’t just teach. We inspire kids of all ages by providing the spark to get kids interested in the sciences. Sponsor a child’s visit and inspire him or her to reach for the stars.Class Visit to the Museum – $510
In these current economic times, many schools have significantly reduced their field trip budget. By sponsoring a Museum class visit, you empower a school group to immerse themselves in hands-on activities that teach fun and informative lessons about science, technology, engineering and math, all while in the shadow of the Spruce Goose or the Titan II SLV missile.

Outreach Program by the Education Department – $500
If a school can’t visit the Museum, the Museum will visit the school! By sponsoring an outreach program, you provide the transportation, supplies and manpower to offer an educational, entertaining and standards-aligned presentation highlighting the magic of space travel and fascinating history of aviation, without having the students leave the classroom.

Night Flight – $1,500
You can help students soar into the night with the legends of aerospace! In a Night Flight, students are invited to spend a fun-filled evening of activities and learning at EASM. The evening culminates with a night of slumber beneath the wing of the Spruce Goose.

For more information or for additional ways you can give or be invovled, please or by calling 503-434-4185 and ask to speak with our Development Director.


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