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A Collection of Stories, Facts, Photos, Artifacts, and Documents from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

What Happened to the Original Spruce Goose Records, Drawings, & Photos?

Allen Herkamp, Collections Volunteer

In 1992, the Goose flew from its nest in Long Beach, California. After 45 years, the Hughes Flying Boat, also known as the Spruce Goose, was again upon the water to migrate north to its new home at Evergreen ...

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SR-71 Blackbird

Pure Speed!

The world's fastest piloted aircraft first flew on 22 December 1964, at a speed of 2,193 mph, the SR-71 still holds the record as the world's fastest stealth aircraft. Check out the videos below!

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Douglas A-26C Invader

The A-26 Invader was designed by legendary engineer Ed Heinemann, it was capable of fast low-level attack, as well as precision bombing for close support of troops on the ground.

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The Titan II ICBM

One of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum's most prominent exhibits is our Titan II Rocket.

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Archives Month 2021

This October, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is joining other archives around the state to celebrate Oregon Archives Month 2021. 

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New for 2021!

Dec 17, 2020

Check out our progress as we create a brand new exhibit for 2021.

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First in Flight!

Dec 16, 2020

The Wright brothers inaugurated the aerial age with the world's first successful flights of a powered heavier-than-air flying machine on December 17, 1903


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Absolute Stealth!

Nov 10, 2020

Evergreen Museum

The Global Hawk has the ability to stay in the air for more than 36 hours and can survey up to 40,000 square miles in a day.

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Oceans on Mars?

Nov 17, 2020

John Jennings, EASM Docent

Observations by the Viking orbiters and the MARS Global Surveyor seem to indicate that Mars may have had oceans in it’s past.

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X-38 "Space Lifeboat"

Aug 12, 2020

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is proud to have one of NASA's X-38 Crew Return Vehicle on display in our Space Museum. The X-38 was the prototype for a vehicle that could serve as a "lifeboat" and return up to seven astronauts to Earth from the International Space Station, should the need arise. The X-38 program was cancelled in 2002 due to budget cuts.

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An A-10C Thunderbolt II performs a low-angle strafe using its 30mm GAU-8 rotary cannon. The entire A-10 platform was designed around the tank-killing cannon.

Awesome Firepower!

Article Excerpts Provided by the USAF

The A-10 Thunderbolt II has excellent maneuverability at low air speeds and altitude and is a highly accurate and survivable weapons-delivery platform. The aircraft can remain on scene (near battle areas) for extended periods of time and operate in low altitude and poor visibility conditions. This makes the "Warthog" well suited to its role as a close air support attack aircraft  - Tank Killer.


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Mars Rover "Spirit"

Aug 4, 2020

With the launch of NASA's Perseverance in the news last week, we thought you might be interested in learning more about NASA's previous Mars explorer missions and the rover Spirit.

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Museum Collections and Research

The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is devoted to preserving and displaying aviation and space history and technology. The Museum’s Collections are prized treasures and many items are irreplaceable.

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The ME 262 “Yellow 5” Germany's WWII Jet Fighter

Jun 25, 2010

Evergreen Museum

As the clouds of war were gathering over Europe in the 1930s, aircraft designers in both England and Nazi Germany began to look to a new type of power plant that would take aircraft beyond the speeds governed by the limitations of piston engines.  That power plant was the jet.

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Credited to: Patrick Nieuwkamp

Our F-15 is an Oregon National Guard Veteran

Jan 8, 2011

Evergreen Museum

When the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum’s McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing) F-15A Eagle was dedicated it joined a growing collection of aircraft types that share the distinct honor of having served with the Oregon Air National Guard. 

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