Recycling to Support Evergreen

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is now a Featured Fundraiser with BottleDrop!

BottleDrop is a clean convenient way to return your bottles and cans and claim the deposit.

There are two ways you can help Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum with BottleDrop.

1. Pick up one of our blue Fundraising bags from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Administrative Offices (located in the theater Bldg). Fill the bag with bottles (25 or less) and cans (unlimited). Then drop the bag off at a Bottle Drop facility during their business hours (9am-6pm) any day of the week or use the barcode on your bottle drop bag to open the 24-hour drop off window and put the bag in there. Make sure the bag is tied tightly and the barcode sticker on the bag is intact. Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum receives 100% of the deposit!

2. If you already a bottle drop user and have a bottle drop account and card, you can make an online account and transfer your deposits to Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum! Log on, click the “Fundraiser” tab, click “Donate to a Featured Fundraiser” and search for Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

For more information on BottleDrop, check out their website HERE.

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