2015 Hall of Honor Inductee: Capt. Robert C. Snoddy

Oct 31, 2015

Evergreen Museum

 Written by Evergreen Museum Curator

Capt. Robert C. Snoody is being inducted into the Oregon Aviation Hall of Honor on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015 during the Dream to Fly Gala at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.   Click here for more information about the event

Capt. Robert Snoddy

Robert Snoddy grew up and went to high school in Roseburg, Oregon before attending Oregon State University. In 1940 he joined the Civilian Pilot Training program and in 1942, he enlisted in the Navy for the Naval Aviation Cadet program. Upon completion, Snoddy was sent to VB-115 to fly anti-sub, recon and anti-shipping missions. He was involved in numerous air battles and received a Navy Air Medal with 4 stars, a Purple Heart and several battle stars.

After discharge in 1946, Snoddy went to work for Hawaiian Airlines before joining Civil Air Transport in China, which was later acquired by the CIA. In that role he flew missions of a clandestine nature to support units battling the Communist Chinese rebels. On November 29, 1952 Snoddy was piloting a C-47 on a resupply mission, and to extract an a special agent, when the aircraft came under intense fire and was shot down. Snoddy was killed in the crash and two other CIA aircrew were taken prisoner. Snoddy’s remains were returned by the Peoples Republic of China for burial in Eugene, OR in 2004.

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