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Media Statement

Oct 13, 2015

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Melissa Grace, Director of Marketing, Public Relations & Events
Office: 503-434-4185
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Official Museum Statement:

We have been notified that our landlord, the Michael King Smith Education Foundation, has received a writ of execution on the sale of both the Space Museum and Wings & Waves Waterpark. The Foundation is a separate entity that owns buildings on the Museum Campus including the Space building, chapel and the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark. 

The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is an independent non-profit organization. Museum Management is actively working on solutions to address this situation with the landlord. Visitor count at both the Museum and Waterpark is strong, and the Museum is profitable. We will continue to operate as usual and look forward to welcoming our guests.  



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Gordon Quickstad

The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and waterpark have been wonderful regional assets for history, education, and fun. I hope the problem is resolved quickly.

Ken C

It's a sad day for aviation when the man that founded this is the only one responsible for it's demise.

Traci S

Such sad, yet not unexpected news. I hope that some high NET worth aviation efficianodo such as Paul Allen steps up and buys the entire complex and collection, so that the museum can continue on, as-is/where-is. Nobody wins if this collection ever gets liquidated and separated.

Jeff Jones

The Evergreen Aero Modelers RC flying club is associated with the Evergreen Museum and utilizes a flying site adjacent to the Space Museum. The rc club, TEAM, uses this connection to introduce many people, of all ages to the miracle of flight. It is our hope that the Evergreen Museum remains intact to facilitate these learnings.


We adore the water park and hope to see it and the aviation parts stay together as a whole and not be sold however the admission price of these attractions is part of their dimise. I know many many people who have said they would attend more frequently, including myself if it was cheaper. I have been to water park twice and aviation buildings not once and its not that I don't want to its because of the price. A family of 3 has to spend $100 to get into just the water park is in my opinion ridiculous. Yes I know about membership but that is too expensive for most folkjs I know. Lower prices your attendence numbers and frequently go up and that ius win/win for everyone.

Camille Demers

Your museum and waterpark are amazing, both enjoyable and educational. I have been there many times and brought 50+people over the years. I sincerely hope it doesn't close!!!


No matter what, people need to be responsible and pay their debts. The money owed to vendors and the construction company, actually should be putting food on the table of the employees of the construction company. Evergreen wasted more money. It is time to close it up due to mis-management, and recoup some of the $$$ that would have gone into the local tax coffers. Time to pull the plug on it

Why Traci?

Traci S., why should a successful business person bail out a company that has a history of defaulting on loans, defaulted on paying salaries? Yes, it is a museum, however it was run as a toy. Time to turn out the lights, and move on

just passing thorugh town

Becky, so true, the prices are way too high, to pay the high wages of the board of directors. The same people who were on the board at Evergreen prior to it going down the tubes.

Chad Bock

KEEP IT OPEN - this is a very special place!! We have been members since it opened and have personally met Mr Smith who was very nice to me and my 7 year old son(at that time)! Do not give up on this Museum! Nothing is impossible, find a way to make it work!

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