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The Launch of the Historical Perspectives Project

Sep 15, 2016

Evergreen Museum

The Launch of the Historical Perspectives Project

By: Mike Videll, IT & Business Strategic Development Director

The mission of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is to inspire and educate, promote and preserve aviation and space history, and honor the patriotic service of our veterans.  Our museum seeks to honor the commitment and courage of veterans who have supported and defended the United States. Our goal is to not only educate our youth about the sacrifices veterans have made for us honoring these heroes in a respectful and appropriate manner but to also provide a personal glimpse into the fascinating interactions that occurred beneath the critical moments in our country. 

Our aircraft, exhibits, and artifacts offer stunning examples of aviation achievement creating an environment that teaches children, youth, and adults about aircraft, they also demonstrate the importance of human skills like mathematics, science, teamwork, determination, and perseverance.  With education being the core of our mission, we strive to make all of our exhibits and programs both inspiring and educational for adults and children alike.

A key component of the museum are our volunteers; many are former aviators who flew the planes on display. Other volunteers spent their careers involved in the aerospace industry and have a rich history and perspective of experiences from military campaigns, acts of heroism, breakthroughs in aviation science, orbiting satellites, early space technologies, Apollo and the space stations. Their detailed descriptions and real life commentary help bring the artifacts and their days of flight back to life. 

The history and stories of our volunteers and docents are being diminished with the passing of each of these dedicated men and women.  In addition, many of our visitors, whether they are from a local VFW, Veterans group, history buff, or Oregon resident have a story to tell.  These irreplaceable memories must be told, recorded, and shared for the benefit of future generations.

Filming of a Volunteer

The Evergreen Museum Productions “Historical Perspectives” Project addresses that vital need.  Recording and sharing these stories and narratives and making these perspectives available for future generations to listen to and experience is critical.  While the amount of stories may be incalculable, we know that when a story is lost with the passing or fading of memories a bit of Oregon history is lost as well. 

This project seeks the help of local businesses, collaborative organizations, and the Oregon Cultural Trust to preserve these irreplaceable stories and make them accessible in a dynamic and entertaining manner.

Short video stories are being produced in conjunction with SOAR Productions, a technical career development program created in partnership with KOIN television provides 21st century communications and broadcasting technology training for regional high school students, specifically McMinnville High School in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. A true intergenerational project, visual and “Historic Perspectives” enables students to create a portal into a rich visual and personal history that we want to share with all.  The work is produced and edited by students from this program with guidance from the EASM education, curation, and IT.  departments.  This is our first year doing this and we plan to continue this collaboration in the coming years.

To submit a story please email to  We would be honored to collect and preserve your story and let others experience and learn.  If you would like to support the “Historic Perspectives” Project, please visit and select our donation tab.



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Dave Laursen

I have experiences and photos of your Grumman Goose in your museum collection. I was an employee of Alaska Dept Fish and Game in the late 60's.

Can we compare information and pictures ?

Dave 406 544 5784

Maurice Tetrault

I haven't read the whole article yet but I believe it is a hugely important thing to preserve stories from people while they are still with us. 👍😎💖✌

Mark L Stephensen

While visiting your splendid museum last week, I was truly gratified to see not one, but two POW/MIA missing man tables at your facility. My father, Col Mark Stephensen, was listed as missing in action for 21 years. His remains were returned. I have been involved in the POW/MIA issue for most of my life. I am currently the vice-chairman of the National League of POW/MIA Families. My father's story and the story of the National League and its mission of seeking the fullest possible accounting for unreturned US service personnel may be of interest to the Museum. My father flew at least 6 of the aircraft displayed in McMinnville. Please let me know if this story would be of interest. Thank you in advance.
Mark Stephensen, 4405 S. Epsilon Ave, Boise, ID 83716,, 208-859-3597.

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