Sep 11, 2009

Evergreen Museum

By Philip Jaeger, Director of Operations

I’m excited to report that we welcomed 202 new members to the Museum during the month of August. That is a record for us! To continue our hot streak, the Membership Department has announced a new add-on option to our membership packages.

As many of you may know, we are the only Smithsonian Affiliate Museum in Oregon. Thus, we are giving our members a chance to enjoy the benefits of a Smithsonian membership as well as an EASM membership.

From Beth Wilson, Museum Membership Director:

“In early 2009, the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum became an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute. This prestigious affiliation allows us to offer our members the opportunity to become members of two museums at once. Beginning September 1, 2009, for an additional $20 per year, Museum Members can choose to enjoy the benefits of a Smithsonian membership as well as the many wonderful benefits they receive from their Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum membership.”

So, current EASM members are eligible to sign up for the Smithsonian Affiliate membership for the $20 fee. The additional Smithsonian membership is annual, and you get to choose between the Air & Spacemagazine (6 issues) and the Smithsonian magazine (12 issues) – normal newsstand price is $48 per year. 

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum dues are not increasing to include the Smithsonian membership—it is an add-on option available for Museum members only. Associate and Corporate Members must have an active membership to purchase the additional Smithsonian membership.

The full list of benefits included in the Smithsonian Affiliate Membership will be available at the Visitor Information Desk in the Aviation Museum and the Welcome Desk in the Space Museum, as well as on our Web site,

If you would like to purchase this membership add-on, forms are available at the locations listed above, and can be submitted at any of the membership sales locations. Contact Beth Wilson in the Membership Department at 503.434.4007 or with questions.


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