Nov 30, 2012

Evergreen Museum

Ahoy Land Lubbers! Evergreen educators Katie Lee, Scott McGuyer, Jenna Halsey and Discovery Ambassador, Jorge, visited Oregon State University’s newest research vessel, Oceanus, for a Marine Technology Society (MTS) meeting.  MTS members led tours aboard the Oceanus and explained current research projects, the mechanics of oceanography equipment, and basic functions of the new vessel. They learned about sea conductivity, temperature, density, and even a little about pirates! Arg! Evergreen educators are excited to support the MTS and to continue to learn about ground-breaking oceanographic research off of Oregon’s coast.



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Wow, that place looks amazing! We are coinmg to Oregon in August and have to go here! I just showed the pictures to the kids and they are excited. We are coinmg to see you too!


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