Height Requirement:
36 inches or Taller for Green Slide; 40 inches or Taller for Orange and Yellow Slide
Number of Riders:
Single Riders Only
Weight Limit:
Maximum of 300 lbs per Rider

No video recording or photography is permitted while riding these slides. Wetsuits/neoprene swimsuits, swimsuits with built in floatation devices, and swimsuits with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or plastic/metal ornamentation are not permitted on these slides.

The multiple-level Aquaplay structure is located just inside the Waterpark’s 40-foot-tall windows, taking in all of the beautiful light and vineyard views of the Museum Campus. Topped with a helicopter and themed like an Oregon forest, be prepared to have 300 gallons of water splashed on you from the huge firefighting bucket.  Play with Smokey Bear and learn how You Can Prevent Forest Fires or enjoy one of the 3 slides, dozens of water guns, spouts, buckets and valves. Come prepared to have a blast!

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