Safe Swimmers - Videos submissions and contest

Jun 24, 2016

Wings & Waves Waterpark

By Cynthia Cazares

For water safety month we launched the Safe Swimmer Pledge Video Contest, in which we asked our participants to create a video emphasizing the Safe Swimmer Pledge. Judging was particularly difficult, as we had many great videos to choose from. Finally, after viewing them numerous times, we narrowed it down to the top five submissions.

Now it’s up to YOU to pick the winner! You can help us by voting your favorite video through our Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark YouTube channel. Listed below are the links to our five finalists. View them and vote for your favorite by clicking the “thumbs up” button located underneath the video towards the bottom right corner.   This Voting will end on July 15 please make sure you vote!!

Check out all of the entries and some of the drawings:  - Drawings   - All the videos



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