Nov 15, 2012

Evergreen Museum

Written By: Jenna Halsey – Wings & Waves Waterpark Education Coordinator

This Saturday, November 17th, the Yamhill Greater Watershed Council will be hosting a lecture by Tom Murtagh from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife called “Survival Against the Odds.” Topics such as the life-stages of fish, what fish live in the Yamhill Watershed area, which fish are endangered, and which fish make the journey upstream to return to their home to lay eggs. Fish are an important part of Oregon’s ecosystem and it is important for society to learn how we can help these creatures.

This talk is free to the public and Waterpark visitors. Access to the H2O Science Center, swimming, and slides are not included. The talk begins at 1:00pm at the Starcade in the Wings & Waves Waterpark. Access to the H2O Science Center, swimming, and slides are not included. Make sure to stop by the Aviation Museum to hear from the Oregon Coast Aquarium discuss sea birds and their flight in the ‘Things That Fly” series. Presentations at 8AM, 11AM and 2PM.  Click here for details.


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