Aug 28, 2013

Evergreen Museum

This summer Wings & Waves Waterpark held an Essay Contest for all ages to write about their experience at the Waterpark. The essay could include your favorite slide, pool, exhibit in the H2O Science Center and more! Riley was the select by the Museum & Waterpark Campus staff as the winner! She won 4 tickets to Wings & Waves Waterpark, and her article was printed in the Museum Campus Magazine, Wingspan. Below is her stellar article – Congrats, Riley!

My Experience at Wings & Waves Waterpark

Written By: Riley / Summer Essay Contest Winner

My name is Riley. I have been to the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark three times and every time I Riley_indoorshave been there, I have had a blast! First, I would like to tell you about my favorite slide, the Nose Dive. The Nose Dive is one of four main slides. It is a two-person slide that you go down on an inner tube.  It’s also a dark ride and a funnel combined in one.  Now the funnel is awesome, but what’s more awesome isthat Nose Dive and the other three slides (which are Sonic Boom, Tail Spin, and Mach 1) are all connected to a plane! On the roof of the waterpark! Sonic Boom is the mildest of all the slides. It is a great slide for a beginner. Tail Spin is the darkest and it has a lot of lights flashing inside. Mach 1 is a one-person slide. You are lying on your back with your hands at your sides when you slide down. When you are in the leisure pool, you can see the sliders passing over you on Mach 1. While you are waiting to get to the plane on the top of the waterpark, you can watch a film about how the plane got there. Even though it’s a chilly walk to the top, it is so worth it! 

       I also really enjoy the vortex pool because it is fun being swirled around so you almost cannot get out.  I love the wave pool and watching people go through the Nose Dive funnel on the screen they have by the wave pool.Riley_OutdoorsActually, my whole family likes watching the screen. Oh, and there is also a giant bucket of water that dumps its contents all over the playground beneath.  Upstairs there is The Milky Way Café andthe Hands-on H2O center. In the Hands-on H2O center, you learn about rockets, space and how to sail a ship down a river. It’s a whole center on why life needs water.

       There are many ways to learn about why life needs water.  One of the strangest ways is when you are in the locker room. There have a prototype about a toilet works.  Also in the wave pool, there is a gigantic screen where you can answer trivia questions about water and space while you are riding the waves.  AsI mentioned before, the H2O center is a great place to learn about space, water, erosion, rivers and lots more.  My brother and I spent hours in there and some examples of learning about space include a space ship, a remote controlled rover and ways you can learn about gravity in space and on earth.  Outside the H2O center, there are mind puzzles that try to trick you.  Another neat display demonstrates the use of pulleys and levers. 

       Even though the Nose Dive is my favorite, I love everything about the water park especially relaxing in the hot tub at the end of a fun day of learning and swimming. I can’t wait to go back!

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