Evergreen Videos w/ Lesson Plans

Fun Evergreen Museum original videos, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and featuring the amazing artifacts around the museum.

Lesson One: Sound Energy

Listen up! In this Fly By, we dive into soundwaves and vibrations. What are soundwaves? How do they move through the air? Investigate these fast-moving waves with us in the museum. 


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Lesson Two: Forces & Motion

Dec 26, 2020

Have you heard of the Law of Gravity? Well, the same guy who discovered that law, Sir Isaac Newton, also discovered a related law, The Law of Motion, over 300 years ago.  Watch this lesson to learn more about Newton's Law of Motion!


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Lesson Three: The Properties of Matter

What are the properties matter and why do they matter? In this Fly By, we look at the properties of matter and the facts that consists of matter in one form or another. Learn about the properties of matter how you can identify them. 


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Lesson Four: The Structures of Matter

What makes matter matter? In this Fly By, we delve into the fact that everything that exists consists of matter. What is matter? Why does it matter? Learn about the structures of matter how you can identify them. 


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