May 13, 2013

Evergreen Museum

Written By: Jenna Halsey
Wings & Waves Waterpark Education Coordinator

I know what you’re thinking- education programs at a waterpark? Why would kids want to learn about water when they are supposed to be having fun? The Education Department here at Evergreen believes that it’s possible (even necessary) to combine fun and education for a truly inspirational experience.  That’s why we have created education programs that encourage hands-on learning in a fun and engaging environment.

The Wings & Waves Waterpark contains four quiet, air-conditioned classrooms for school group activities. It also features the H2O Hands-on Science Center which boasts free-choice learning exhibits such as a submarine, Columbia River watershed table, Water as a Solid, and many more. Educational programs incorporate these hands-on exhibits as well as the wave pool, providing a truly unique learning experience.  All of the water education programs are STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) aligned and meet several Oregon Science Core Standards.

Engineering for our Oceans

Students learn about tides, properties of waves, harvesting water’s energy through dams and wave energy, and last but not least, tsunamis. Students take the Tsunami Challenge and engineer a dock built out of legos that could withstand the force of a tsunami. Just like true engineers, they complete the challenge by testing their structure in the tsunami-like wave pool! Oregon State Standards: 4.4D.1, 4.4D.2, 4.4D.3, 5.4D.1, 5.4D.2, 5.4D.3, 6.4D.1, 6.4D.2, 6.4D.3, 7.4D.1, 7.4D.2, 7.4D.3, 8.4D.1, 8.4D.2, 8.4D.3, H.4D.1, H.4D.2, H.4D.3, H4D.4, H.4D.5, H.4D.6

Water- The Sustainer of Life


Students learn how important water is to sustain life on Earth and are asked why water is important in their daily life. Students act as water managers by using Hands-on H2O Science Center exhibits in a team-building activity to allocate water to meet the needs of a community. Students learn where drinking water comes from and create their own water filters. The search for a new water sources is discussed as students learn about NASA’s quest for water on Mars. Students also receive hands-on astronaut experiences by training & dressing as astronauts. Oregon State Standards: K.1E.1, K.3S.2, 1.1E.1, 1.2L.1, 2.1L.1, 3.2P.1, 4.1E.1, 4.2L.1, 5.1L.1, 5.2L.1, 6.2E.1, 7.2E.1, 7.2E.3, 8.2E.3, 8.2E.4, H.2L.2, H.2E.1, H.2E.2, H.2E.4

 Water Water Everywhere!

Students learn about the water cycle through Hands-on H2O Science Center exhibits and experiments. Watersheds and water pollution are explained using hands-on water exhibits. They will create their own watersheds and are asked to predict the flow of water pollution within their watershed. Oregon State Standards: K.1E.1, K.3S.2, 1.1E.1, 1.2L.1, 2.1L.1, 3.2P.1, 4.1E.1, 4.2L.1, 5.1L.1, 5.2L.1, 6.2E.1, 7.2E.1, 7.2E.3, 8.2E.3, 8.2E.4, H.2L.2, H.2E.1, H.2E.2, H.2E

Mad about Water

Students transform into mad scientists by wearing lab coats and goggles to learn about the wonderful, wacky world of water. Students investigate water properties through hands-on inquiry-based experiments as well as utilizing the Hands-on H2O Science Center exhibits. Students use exhibits to experience water as liquid, vapor, and solid. Students discuss how water is important to them and ways to help conserve water while participating in a hands-on conservation activity. Oregon State Standards: K.1E.1, K.3S.2, 1.1E.1, 1.2L.1, 2.1L.1, 3.2P.1, 4.1E.1, 4.2L.1, 5.1L.1, 5.2L.1, 6.2E.1, 7.2E.1, 7.2E.3, 8.2E.3, 8.2E.4, H.2L.2, H.2E.1, H.2E.2, H.2E.4


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