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Feb 8, 2016

Evergreen Museum

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That really cauptres the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.


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Roger Potts

I am attending a Vietnam Air Force unit reunion over the end of September weekend.
I intend to visit the museum during this time.
I am most interested in the H-4 construction materials and methods as applicable to composite aircraft of our current time.
Myself, I built components for C-5,B-1,B-2,C-17,V-22 aircraft as well as all Boeing and other commercial aircraft.
Do the original plan and specifications for the H-4 exist and can the public gain access to them? What about manufacturing processes and challenges?
I am in hopes of possible answers to these questions,I can enhance my time at your facility.
Thank you, Roger Potts

Gary Sohn Docent

I would like to see an updated WINGSPAN on this Membership page. Poor reprensentation of our Museum!!!!

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