Evergreen Giant Screen Theater

Evergreen Giant Screen Theater offers exciting short 3D  short films in our small cinema with a giant screen.

Evergreen Giant Screen Theater’s exciting and educational short 3D  films, like Air Racers, Fighter Pilot, Journey to Space, Rescue, Earthflight, and Aircraft Carrier run Friday thru Sundays at the top of the hour beginning at noon daily. The last showing starts at 3:00PM

3D Edutainment Movie Pricing

We have two options for viewing our Documentary short films:

  1. Our “3D Multi-Feature Movie Pass” featuring 3 or more edutainment movies (each run about 45 min).
    General Admission: $8
    With Museum Admission: $7
    Museum Members: $6
  2. Individual à la carte showings, featuring any one of our Edutainment Features.
    General Admission: $4
    With Museum Admissions: $3
    Museum Members: $2

Each film starts at the top of the hour beginning at noon daily.

Please scroll down to see our current 3D Edutainment movies and times.


Fighter Pilot

At Red Flag, the international training exercise for the air forces of allied countries, hundreds of pilots meet for the most challenging flying of their careers. The object is to make the exercises as real and complicated as possible — to take the pilots, ground crews, mechanics, and rescue personnel to the limits of what they can handle. The film follows Captain John “Otter” Stratton as he makes his way through this extraordinary event held in the desert of Nevada. As he participates in the exercise, he realizes that being a hero is not as simple as he once believed.

Showtime – 12 pm Fri – Sun
Run time – 48 minutes
Fighter Pilot 3D


Aircraft Carrier

A film crew goes on board the SS Ronald Reagan, a U.S. Navy Nimitz-class super carrier, during exercises 100 miles off the coast of southern California. The onboard crew captures scenes of intense flight activities, including night launches and landings, as well as point of view shots from the cockpit of F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets in flight.

Showtime – 1 pm Fri – Sun
Run time – approx. 40 minutes
Aircraft Carrier


Journey to Space

Journey To Space puts into historical context the magnificent contributions made by the Space Shuttle program and its intrepid space pioneers. It uses the most spectacular space footage – including unique views of Earth and operations in space – such as deploying and repairing the Hubble Space Telescope. The movie will both inspire a new generation of young people to dream of new horizons in space, and engender a new appreciation for the accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program among an older generation who came to take it for granted.

Showtime – 2 pm Fri – Sun
Run time – 42 minutes
Journey to Space

Dinosaurs  – Giants of Patagonia

During the Cretaceous Period, a dinosaur named Patchi (Justin Long) hatches among a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus. Patchi’s runt status means he must use his wits rather than strength to compete for food with his larger brothers and sisters, particularly Scowler. After a terrible fire leaves Patchi, Scowler, and a female named Juniper on their own, the rivalry between the brothers escalates to a dangerous level. Patchi must summon his inner courage and strength to become the leader he was born to be.

Showtime – 3 pm Fri – Sun
Run time – 45 minutes
Dinosaurs - Giants of Patagonia