Engineering Merit Badge - June 25

Dec 17, 2016 10:00 am - 3:00 pm





Prices are per person:

Aviation Merit Badge: $15
Engineering:  $15
Orienteering: $15
Space Exploration: $19
Robotics:  $19

Any questions please click here  to send an email or call 503-687-2444 and ask for Robert Jordan.

Other Merit Badge programs:

March 19th                         Engineering
April30th                            Space Exploration
June 18th                           Robotics
June 25th                          Engineering
July 9th                              Aviation
July23                               Robotics
August13                          Orienteering partial
August27                          Space Exploration
Sept 3rd                            Aviation
Sept24th                           Orienteering partial
Oct 8th                              Robotics
Oct15th                             Aviation
Nov12th                            Space Exploration
Dec10th                            Robotics
Dec17th                             Engineering





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