SR-71 Father's Day Weekend Event

Jun 18, 2016 - Jun 19, 2016 Speaking Panel in Theater 11 am & 2:30 pm daily


SR-71 Father’s Day Weekend

Date:  June 18 & 19

Location:   Evergreen Space Museum & Evergreen Theater

Father’s Day Weekend has never been so exciting.  Visit the Evergreen Museum as 18 former crews and personnel of the SR-71 Blackbird discuss the program, answer questions and interact with fans.   There will be two panel discussions per day, SR-71 Video and a Sunday morning a Father’s Day Brunch in the Space Museum. 

June 18:   11 am     SR-71 Talk -Evergreen Theater
Moderator Jim Shelton (P), Rod Dyckman (P), George Morgan (RSO), Bill Burk(P), Don Campbell (M), Kirk Knutson (M)

                2:30 pm   SR-71 Talk -Evergreen Theater
Moderator Gil Bertelson (P), Tony Bevacqua (P), Frank Stampf (RSO), Dave Dempster (RSO), Robby Butterfield (M), Lew Williams (E)
               10a - 4pm   Q&A at SR-71

June 19:   9 am      Brunch  Cosmo Cafe
                11 am    SR-71 Talk -Evergreen Theater
Moderator Jerry Glasser (P), Don Walbrecht (P), Al Payne (RSO), Mort Jarvis (RSO),  Mike Relja (M), Mike Hull (M)

               2:30 pm   SR-71 Talk -Evergreen Theater (No RSVP required) 
Moderator Pat Halloran (P), Bill Burk (P), John Fuller (RSO), George Morgan(RSO) Dave Burns (M), Russ Harvey(M)

              10a - 4pm   Q&A at SR-71 

 More Exciting things:

“You are in the front seat”  – 360 deg. large screen visual cockpit presentation – every switch – every gauge will be explained.  Personalized tours by team members ( with hand-outs ) of the aircraft & systems.  ( Sensors, Navigation, Engines – ask any question ! )

 More information  or call 503-434-4185




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