SR-71 Father's Day Weekend

Jun 16, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018

The ultimate Father’s Day gift!

DECLASSIFIED: Join us for an exciting Museum event—the SR-71 Father’s Day Weekend! See the Museum’s SR-71A Blackbird and attend presentations on different aspects of the famed Lockheed SR-71 spy plane, with speakers panels made up of former SR-71 Blackbird pilots, maintenance personnel and crew. They will discuss the program, answer questions and interact with guests. There will be two panel discussions per day, an SR-71 presentation at the aircraft, and a Sunday morning Father’s Day pancake breakfast. 

Event Schedule


  • 11am & 2:30pm: Presentations in Museum Theater 
  • Presentation in Space Museum at SR-71 (time TBD)  
  • SR-71 cockpit viewing                                                                                     


  • 9-10:30am: Pancake Breakfast (pancakes, sausage, and fruit); Tang and coffee will also be available.
  • 11am & 2:30pm: Presentations in Museum Theater
  • SR-71 cockpit viewing
  • Presentation in Space at SR-71 (time TBD)


  • SR-71 events included with Museum admission.
  • Pancake Breakfast provided by Chris Cakes Northwest, featuring their amazing Flying Pancakes! Breakfast is $10 per person. All proceeds go to the Museum, an Oregon 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Watch this space for more details! 

The ultimate Father’s Day gift!

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