Summer Camps - 2017

Jun 28, 2017 - Aug 18, 2017

Join us this summer for the coolest camps in town!

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2017 Museum Summer Camp Schedule:

Beginner Rocket Camp : June 28th-30th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 9-14
Students will have total immersion into the rocket hobby. Three projects will be built and flown by the campers. First a simple E2X series rocket on day one, the next you will work on a B engine variant from a skill level 2 Estes or similar manufacturer’s kit. Last is a team rocket using only parts designed and engineered by the student team. The rocket must perform within set guidelines and function Flawlessly. Students will keep the two rockets built as an individual.
Cost: Members $100, Non-Members $125  

Beginner R/C Camp : July 12th-14th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 11-14
Do everything, from learning how the remote control system works to designing a model remote controlled aircraft. Students will learn how to fly using a Flite Test Kit they get to keep at the end of camp. End the week with handling the controls on a real remote control aircraft!
Cost: Members $225, Non-Members $250

Advanced Rocketry Camp : July 26th-28th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 12-16
Advanced Rocketry Camp. This camp will allow students who have taken the beginning rocket camp to advance to a more powerful and complex rocket. In addition to a C motor rocket, students will design and build a scale model rocket. A more advanced team rocket will also be designed and flown during this exciting high-flying camp.
Cost: Members$150, Non-Members $175 

Advanced R/C Camp : August 9th-11th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 12-16
Advanced R/C camp. For students who have taken our beginner R/C camp and are ready for a new challenge. Our advanced R/C camp will feature a full day of refresher 3-channel flying ending in an afternoon of 4-channel trainer flying. Students will build and fly their own 4-channel aileron aircraft they get to take home. The Evergreen Aeromodelers will be with us for advanced training and students will also get stick time on quad copters. 
Cost: Members $275, Non-Members $300.
Prerequisite: Beginner R/C Camp

UAS Drone Camp August 16th-18th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 10-15
Come learn about the fastest growing hobby in the world and become a UAS Drone Pilot. This 3-day camp will cover the basics of Unmanned Aerial Systems construction and flying. Build a quad copter. Get simulator time on the latest UAS drones and live stick time on your very own quad you get to take home!
SPACE IS LIMITED! Cost: Members $275, Non-Members $300

Junior Astronauts Fun Friday August 4th
10am-3pm. Location: Space Museum. Ages 5-8
Campers will learn all about our nation’s manned space program, the history and the future of space exploration. We will also explore our neighboring planet, Mars. Campers will design a mission to Mars, build a Mars rover and fly paper rockets! Try on a space suit and eat astronaut food!
Cost: Members $45, Non-Members $50

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Join us this summer for the coolest camps in town!

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