Upcoming Events

Storytellers Series: NASA’s Deep Space Network

Presenters: John Jennings & Donn Anderson NASA has created a communication system that controls and receives data from many space probes and is never out of communication. The Deep Space Network involves three facilities around the Earth so that NASA never loses contact with all of its active spacecraft. We will show the three world...

Storytellers Series: The Air Defense Fighters – Protecting U.S.

Aviation Museum

Presenter: John Bronson Descriptions & illustrations of the Museum’s collection of American jet interceptor aircraft, is highlighted. Specifically described are the Fighters: F-94, F-89, F-102, F-101, F-104, and F-106, including the system equipment specifically installed for the Air Defense mission. How these aircraft are used, including where they were stationed is covered. Other elements of...

Storytellers Series: What’s Happening Today in Space

Space Museum Galaxy Theater

Presenter: Bill Carton Current Space Activity: Countries as well as private companies are now heavily involved in space - with crewed spacecraft and private satellites. Including: Robots on other planets and on asteroid missions, suborbital space tourism, International Space Station improvements and expansion plans, and the James Webb Space Telescope (pictured). Plus: The US is...

Storytellers Series: The Terrible Teens – The Newer Fighters

Aviation Museum

Descriptions & illustrations of the Museum’s collection of the newer US fighter aircraft. Specifically described are topics that led to the development of the Teen Series as a result of the Vietnam experience.

Spruce Goose 75th Anniversary

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the first and only flight of the Hughes Flying Boat (a.k.a. the Spruce Goose). Howard Hughes surprised the world when he turned what was supposed to be a test taxi around San Pedro Bay into an test flight on November 2, 1947.

Veteran’s Day Week

Every year, Veterans receive free admission, and the Museum hosts special events the week of Veteran's Day. More details for Veteran's Day week 2022 are coming soon.

Storytellers Series: NASA’s Mission to the Largest Metal Asteroid – Psyche

Presenters: Donn Anderson & John Jennings The vast majority of asteroids have a variety of rocky compositions. But a few asteroids are made of something really amazing: METAL! The largest is Psyche. Why are we interested in this particular and peculiar type of asteroid? What is it going to take to go there? What discoveries...

Storytellers Series: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 17 – Last Men on the Moon

Presenters: Donn Anderson & John Jennings 50 years ago on December 7th, five massive F-1 rocket engines rumbled to life turning night into day as Apollo 17 lifted off into the Florida sky. What was it like to witness the only night launch of a Saturn V? Come hear an eyewitness give a description of...