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Evergreen Museum TV

Explore our original interactive videos, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, featuring the amazing artifacts around the Evergreen Museum.

The Sound of Science

Listen up! In this episode of Fly By, we dive into soundwaves and vibrations. Discover what soundwaves are and how they move through the air.

Forces of Motion

Have you heard of the Law of Gravity? Sir Isaac Newton discovered that law and related law, the Law of Motion, more than 300 years ago. Learn more about the forces that put our world in motion in this episode of Fly By.

Structures of Matter

Why do the properties of matter, matter? In this episode of Fly By, we look at how everything consists of matter in one form or another and how to identify them.


Enter the Drone Zone with us in this episode of Fly By! We explore the basics of drones, how they impacted aviation history, and see how they continued to change through the years.

Gliders (Part 1)

Learn the basics of making paper airplanes in the first installment of our two-part Fly By episodes about Gilders. Our first part explores the similarities between paper airplanes and full-size gliders.

Gliders (Part 2)

In our second episode of Fly By, dive into how different designs and sometimes unexpected shapes impact paper airplanes’ ability to stay in the air.

Radio Waves with Radar

On this episode of Fly By, explore how the power of radio waves can detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, weather formations, and more!

Aerospace Lesson Plans & Activities

Looking for aerospace and science-themed classroom activities aligned with Next Generation Science Standards? Browse our selection of downloadable teaching tools to help students visualize and grasp science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics.

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